The main advantages of Telegram

I am sure that after reading these points, you will have a burning desire to remove WhatsApp and use nod32 keys. Argue?

Incredible speed of work
Just clicked “Send” and the message will immediately appear at the recipient. This speed is achieved due to the distribution of server capacities, which are scattered around the world.

100% security of user data
Remember at the beginning of the article I wrote about the history of Telegram creation? So, after troubles with law enforcement agencies, Pavel Durov decided to create a unique data encryption protocol called MTProto. Using secret cryptographic protection algorithms, the protocol reliably protects your correspondence.

Pavel more than once organized contests with a large check in dollar terms, the winner could be the one who hacked the correspondence between the creator of the service and his brother. At the moment, several potential program vulnerabilities have been discovered, but the main prize has remained in the owner’s wallet.

Fast work of those. support
Developers keep their finger on the pulse and instantly release patches or add useful chips.

It can be described in two words – intuitive and simple. In the style of Apple, that is, everything works quickly and is convenient to use. Even a blonde can figure it out.


Access and sync all messages across all devices. On a work laptop and a home tablet. Convenient when everything is at hand.
Online version.
Full version for PC.
Without advertising. It didn’t seem to you – no ads. The creators swear by oath: ‚ÄúTelegrams are not for sale. There will be no advertising here. Its purpose is to help people communicate. ”
So, what is good about Telegram is a highly encrypted, very fast, universal way to communicate with friends and colleagues. Honestly, now I don’t know which is better than Telegram.