WhatsApp all the pros and cons of the messenger

WhatsApp is one of the popular messengers for video calls and messaging. This application has its pros and cons, which today we will talk about.

I suggest starting with the positives of WhatsApp:

1. the app works on all popular platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and others;

2. with the help of WhatsApp you can send photos and videos, you can share PDF files (books, magazines, etc.). the only limitation is that the file size must not exceed 100 MB;

3. the program is completely free since 2016;

4. it is also possible to use the web version at: whatsapp.com;

5. there is no advertising;

6. status setting for 24 hours;

7. WhatsApp has a display of the time of the last visit to the messenger;

8. you can highlight words in messages in italics, bold, crossed out.

However, in addition to the advantages, there are a number of some disadvantages:

1. the program is not strong in matters of encryption. Because of this, it is criticized by security specialists. In particular, I don’t like that a person’s account is transmitted as a phone number. In Telegram, for example, everything is encrypted, and if the person is not in your contacts on the phone, you will only see their username. Also, the program is known to copy all phone numbers from your contacts to its server;

2. bad work in the background mode;

3. Notification of new SMS come with delays;

4. you can communicate through Whatsapp only with those friends who have registered in the Whatsapp application;

5. in Whats App there are no stickers, such as in Telegram or Viber.

Bottom line
WhatsApp is not a bad messenger, which is convenient to use.